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By golly I think you are right.  Another senior moment.

>Wasn't 2004 only 7 years ago?
>Just sayin'
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>Gunstock closed for the season on March 31, 2004. I cleaned out my
>locker, loaded my skis into my truck and brought them home to be
>stored for the next several months.  Next day I repacked my backpack
>for the one hundredth time, said goodbye to my wonderful wife and
>headed south for Connecticut to spend the night at John "Hoover"
>Salcias's house.  On April 2nd, we got up a 3 am and headed south in
>John's car arriving at Pittsburgh's house after 9 PM in Dahlonega,
>Ga.  The next morning Pittsburgh drove us to Amicalola Falls State
>Park where my amazing adventure began.  Hoover hiked with me for one
>week then had to head home to go back to work.
>Life is Good!!!
>Art Cloutman
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Life is Good!!!
Art Cloutman

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