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Project Update #1: THE TALES FROM THE BOOT GARDEN by Janet HensleyLets get busy on this... a good project!

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See this update on Kickstarter.com 
Twelve days and $1850 to go 
By Janet Hensley 
Thanks to all of you who've so generously pledged your support to Miss Janet's project. 

We need your help in getting the word out to the hiking community and all those who've been touched by Miss Janet's generosity of spirit. 

Please forward the project link to your friends in the hiking community. The project DOES NOT get funded if we do not reach the $5500.00 goal by April 17th. 

Where does the money go? Amazon and Kickstarter collect a 3.5% fee. It conservatively costs $2.00 per mile to hike the AT. The rewards cost money; the stickers, CD's, movies, and their mailing costs. Janet needs a computer to finish writing the book. (Ya'll realize that since the hostel closed she lives in the old tan van on the back of her momma's property?) This is definitely not a get rich quick scheme. 

$5500.00 is peanuts for a project like this. Big picture, if all of Miss Janet's 1700+ Facebook "friends" pledged $5.00 apiece, we'd blow the roof off this thing. (1700 X 5.00 = 8500.00)  

Let's show Miss Janet the love. And make this project happen!

Thanks so much, Pacer

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