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At them small time hardware stores you had to deal with that guy that knew something about the stuff he was selling.  At Lowes and HD you got all those kids that don't even know they need a belt to hold up their pants let alone what belt you need for your wash machine.  You ask them for black iron pipe and they tell you pipe is in plumbing and irons are in housewares.  Damn I sound like my old redneck Uncles.


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gwroberts1 at verizon.net wrote:
> ... I will say that the employees at the "blue" store are a bit more
> receptive and helpful.

In my part of town, it's just the opposite...orange folks more helpful. 
I buy a lot of stuff for city Parks and Rec. trails there and get great 
service.  YMMV  But I still miss small-town hardware stores.  :-(  

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