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That’s not limited to hardware – albeit the more mechanical, specialized, and/or technical (other than computers and that genre) stores do tend to have more of it.

Think about buying a pack, hiking shoes, etc. -- when the clerk is not an experienced long-distance hiker.  I’ve walked out thinking “That clerk may know a lot about mountain bikes or skis or kayaks, but....”


BTW – remember the thread we had years ago about what “light-weight” item an outfitter’s clerk tried to sell you?   

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  I try to find the oldest looking guy in the store.  Preferably with a beard.  They usually have a clue.

This is true everywhere. Even in the local hardware store (it's been around for at least 60 years) the young employees don't know squat. It's not their fault really. They haven't lived long enough yet. The problem is when they aren't honest enough to say "I don't know" and instead give you wrong answer.

Jim Bullard

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