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Well, I finally got my journal caught up but I'm weeks behind in
transcribing it.  So, in the meantime, here's a list of the hikers I've seen
so far on this trip.  I started seeing them at Washington Monument State
Park and I'm now in Waynesboro.

WMSP - Renaissance, Bundy
Harpers Ferry - Bastard Catfish plus all the good folks at the ATC office.
Shenandoah NP - Gravel Springs Hut - Fosters with his dog Gaia, Victus
SNP - Elkwallow wayside maybe? - Solitaire
SNP - Pass Mtn Hut - Diggit, and section hikers Nimblefeet and Bearchaser
SNP - Rock Spring Hut - Magic Bag, Tigger, Red Rider (sp?), Flying Squirrel,
and AT-Ler Jim Lynch  (does this count as a microRuck?)
SNP - Skyland - ran into Flying Squirrel and Red Rider again.  Red Rider
mentioned an experience he had when he started walking to town from the
Partnership shelter...  Some lady going the other way saw them, rolled down
the window, and asked "Trail names?"  I stopped him right there and asked
him "Kinnickinnic?"  Sure enough.  It was Kinnickinnic, the day before she
headed for Georgia.  She ended up bring them to town - no surprise there.
SNP - Lewis Mtn wayside - Waterbear, and Rev an eight year and counting
section hiker
SNP - a variety of overlooks south of Loft Mountain wayside - Niners,
Stillwater, Katmandu, Spam and his dad, John (just out for SNP), two of the
three bears, Kodiak and Teddy, and d'Artignon (sic), the Corsican (not the
one I knew in '99) and Ghost.
Rockfish Gap outfitters - the Red Team, Riding Hood and Wagon
Waynesboro - The Three Amigos, South Butt, Leaf Guy, and Sgt. Pepper who've
known each other since kindergarten; Squash, Polo, and Silverheels, a guy I
knew from some marathon porch sitting sessions on Miss Janet's porch in
2007; V-8, traveling light and fast on the third leg of the Triple Crown in
three years.  He'll likely be the first person from Japan to complete the
Triple Crown.  Jack and Isaac, two guys who's names I didn't get, and
section hikers Windscreen and Kevin,.

I brought V-8 to dinner last night with the Radney's.  Sure enough Walt and
Pat knew people that V-8 knew from the PCT and CDT communities.  Small

Then last night at the laundromat, I looked over and saw a familiar
figure...  It was Rusty.  So, I'll probably stop in and see him as I
continue on my way south today.

As best I can tell, I've run into 35 NOBO thruhikers and I'm sure I missed a
lot.  Even going shelter to shelter southbound through SNP, I would have
missed every other day's worth of hikers as I went south and they north.
 People have the impression that there are a lot of early thruhikers out
this year.  I probably also missed some section hikers.

I briefly met Venado, the eight year old thruhiker from last year at Bears
Den Hostel.  He completed the trail, mostly with his Dad, but partly with
his Mom when his Dad had to be elsewhere.  He, his parents, and sister are
out doing a section this spring.  His Dad hopes to complete the section of
trail he missed last year.

I hope to get my journal transcribed soon and posted to my Yahoo group (
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TravelsAndTrails/).  When I do it'll have more
details of my trip and hiker sightings.

I plan to take the Blue Ridge Parkway south.  That will take me well away
from the trail at times, but I will swing back to the trail from time to
time.  I think there will be a lot more thruhikers along he trail as I get
to southern Virginia.

I also hope to start connecting with some listers as I get further south.
 If you're anywhere near my route, let me know and let's get together.

Stitches, AT99

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