[at-l] Countdown to Section Hike Summer 2011

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Just don't leave your hiking gear in your old house!  :)

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  Things to do list to make my 12th annual section hike of the AT 
  starting at the Delaware Water Gap going to Great Barrington, MA 
  starting on 6/22

  1) Make Airline reservations for 6/22 - Check
  2) Sell House - Check
  3) Pass House Inspection on sold house - Check
  4) Get Girly Girl's shoulder surgery behind us - Check
  5) Find new place to live - Check
  6)Take over dining room (much to Girly Girl's chagrin) and dump all my 
  hiking S_it on dining room table. - Check
  7) Reorganize hiking s_it 83 times - In process
  8) Organize and re-package food - Almost check. Still have one more 
  mail drop to go.
  9 Make hotel reservation for DWG for 6/22 - to do.
  10) Pack and ship hiking s_it to DWG so I don't have to lug it through 
  the airports. - to do
  11) Put maildrops in the mail to Fort Montgomery NY and Kent Ct - To do
  12) Close on sold house and new house we will be buying on June 17th. - 
  To do
  13) Move on 6/18-20
  14) Go to Airport to get to Trail on 6/22......

  Did I leave anything out? Nothing like having your priorities in order 

  "There's a Fat Man in the bath tub with the blues"

  Fat Man Walking

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