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Hi there.  Two of my friends are headed out to do a few days on the AT later
on this fall.  One of them is a section hiker and he's made it nobo to US 19
in TN.  He's also done the Grayson Highlands section.  The other person is
not a section hiker and while interested in the AT, is happy to hike pretty
much anywhere as long as there's a payoff in views, waterfalls, etc.  So,
they've asked me for suggestions.  Here's the options they presented to me:

1.  To hike northward from Mountain Harbor.  2. To hike southbound from Elk
Garden.  3.  To hike southbound from Damascus.  4.  Anything else in that
area that would be really interesting and about 3 days of hiking.

So, I'm thinking Laurel Falls just north of Kincora was quite fine.  I think
Mrs Joy and I might have been some of the last up Pond Mountain before they
rerouted the climb.  That was a tough climb, but we saw the ribbons in the
forest, looked as if they were putting in switchbacks.  Has anyone hiked
north up Pond Mountain since the spring 2010 reroute?  Any info on that?
Last year there was bear action from Watauga Shelter to Double Springs and
Shady Valley was quite pretty.  Also I'm thinking of the southbound from Elk
Garden and the lovely Whitetop Mtn and Buzzard Rock.  There was also a
really nice two pond campsite along through there somewhere with a great
bullfrog chorus.  Can't say exactly where that was.

Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Thanks!
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