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How tall are you?.....
Camping in back of car is something I have often done when I go bush (it really is more remote here in West Oz).
At 6' I am just comfortable in something the size of my Subaru Forester.  My 6'5" son isn't.
If you're my size or less any of the small SUV's could be an option.

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> I'm starting to look for a "new" car.  Along with all the usual attributes, 
> I'd like one with fold-down seats that I could stretch out, put down an air 
> mattress and air mattress, and sleep in.  I know (or think I know) that cars 
> like exist (but can't think of any specific brand right now).
>     For the purpose of this question, not looking for a pick-up truck or 
> mini-van.
>    Has anyone used such a car and have any recommendations or suggestions.
> Thnx!
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