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Elizabethton, TN (population 14,500), fits your criteria completely.  Or Hampton, but that's near Elizabethton.  We have Roan Mountain right here.  Also Kincora.  And Watauga Dam and Lake.  Trailheads galore.  We're beginning to have meth labs (the prettiest house in our neighborhood was raided June 1), but I think everyone has them nowadays.  Our politicians fight enough to make life interesting, but they're not dishonest, just fractious.  A hospital.  Lots of excellent doctors.  If you are Really sick, they'll send you to Johnson City Medical Center less than 10 miles away.  We have a decent library system, a nice post office, and good groceries (Ingle's, Food City, and an EarthFare just minutes away).  There's a campground at Wilbur Lake.  I'm sure there are others.  Can't tell you about the dog, since I have no experience there.  

We retired here because we wanted to be near The Trail with a hospital and an Episcopal Church.  We're an hour north of Asheville (through Sam's Gap) and 1:45 from downtown Knoxville.  

All in all, it's a great place to live.  We have an antique car cruise-in on the main drag every Saturday night during daylight savings time, wonderful parades, a terrific state historic area (Sycamore Shoals) with an outdoor drama and classes in old timey crafts and lots of re-enactment type events, and the oldest movie theater and the oldest church in the state of TN.  

I don't know why everyone doesn't retire here.  It's a great place.  Call me when you arrive.


Humankind (be both)

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