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Aren't there a bunch of "Trail Towns" now, that the ATC so designates?  That 
might be a good starting point.

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Regardless of your chosen venue for retirement, this thread brings up a 
valid and timely issue. If you are within ten to fifteen years of retirement 
and you intend to relocate to another locale, I would recommend you look, 
and buy, now. The 15 and 30 year average mortgage rates for the previous 
week will be released tomorrow and should be down a good bit based on what 
the 10 year Treasury has done lately. You could lock in a 15 year mortgage 
for less than 3.5 percent. Financing aside, other than central and south 
Florida, sunbelt and retirement property values are at or near the bottom 
for this cycle. Although the Fed has suggested they intend to keep rates low 
for the next two years, they can't control actual Treasury yields.

A bit more afield, I'll add that I haven't been posting much in quite a 
while, but I've been keeping up with the list and the trail remains close to 
my heart. I found a gentlemen on Whiteblaze earlier this year who makes 
replica trail signs. I had him make me an three-quarter size replica of the 
Katahdin sign that was there when I summitted in '05. I keep thinking I'll 
be able to look at it without chill bumps, but it hasn't happened yet.

Well wishes to you to all. Felix, your parole officer wants you to give her 
a call. She's at the Subway in Damascus. Something about beans and rope.

Take Care,


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Hi All,
I'm thinking about retiring to an AT-vicinity city/town, i.e, including but 
not limited to a Trailtown, but it's been almost 40 years since I've been in 
any communities near the Trail (no, it wasn't a condition of 
probation/parole :).
My hopes would be to find a community with no burgeoning meth labs/drug 
trade, honest politicians, at least one hospital, one veterinarian, a post 
office that isn't scheduled to close, a reasonably large grocery store(s), 
and a friendly attitude towards a leashed and well-behaved dog. A campground 
to live in for awhile until i can purchase some land would also be nice. Any 

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