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Fri Aug 12 21:10:01 CDT 2011

Well I'm pretty sure we did this a little early in life - about 40 yrs 
ago - albeit unwittingly.  Landed in Carlisle, PA. pop. 18K.  While it 
is not near some of the sexier spectacular sections of the Trail I do 
cross the Trail everyday on my way to work - 7 mins to Boiling Springs 
ATC by car.  Also close to many opportunities to paddle a canoe/kayak 
which is important to me. Good bicycling opportunities on decent roads. 
College and a law school both in town. Military installation in town. 
Industry and farming in the surrounding area for balance.  Doesn't have 
the feel of a college town or a military town. Small airport that can 
handle corporate jets. 30 mins from an international airport.  Hospital 
in town and several specialty hospitals 30 to 50 mins away.  Restored 
art deco theater for movies, local theater group, and well known musical 
talent - BB king; Bela Fleck not Lady Gaga.  25 mins from Harrisburg the 
state capitol. Within reasonable striking distance of NYC; Philadelphia; 
Baltimore; D.C.; Pittsburgh; the Chesapeake Bay etc.

We are staying.


On 8/12/2011 5:53 PM, Art Cloutman wrote:
> Gorham NH has all of those qualities. About 3 miles from the trail. Gets
> cold and snowy in the winter. Great area for down hill and cross country
> skiing.
>> Hi All,
>> I'm thinking about retiring to an AT-vicinity city/town, i.e,
>> including but not limited to a Trailtown, but it's been almost 40
>> years since I've been in any communities near the Trail (no, it wasn't
>> a condition of probation/parole :).
>> My hopes would be to find a community with no burgeoning meth
>> labs/drug trade, honest politicians, at least one hospital, one
>> veterinarian, a post office that isn't scheduled to close, a
>> reasonably large grocery store(s), and a friendly attitude towards a
>> leashed and well-behaved dog. A campground to live in for awhile until
>> i can purchase some land would also be nice. Any suggestions?
>> hiker317
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