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What is your definition of a town? All the trail in NY is in a town because
that is the name of a political subdivision. It says nothing about where the
shopping center is. There may not even be a shopping center, just a police
station here, a town office building there, a strip mall somewhere else.
Garrison (near Graymoor) is sort of an example. There is a gas station/deli
right at the AT crossing of Rt 9, the fire station is a few tenths of a mile
away, the train station .5 mile away, a post office another place. Garrison
isn't really even a town, only a zip code or hamlet.The town is Philipstown
which has several hamets, but none called Philipstown which has a town hall
in one of the hamlets.

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> How many actual "towns" does the trail actually run right through?
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