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It sounds like you're having a wonderful trip! I hope that the rain let's up
down there. If you are not already aquainted with www dot urbanspoon dot
com, and if you don't get any lister recommendations before lunch, it's
worth checking out. The standard disclaimer applies as to myself having no
connection at all to the website.

Best regards,

On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 8:52 PM, Mara Factor <mfactor at gmail.com> wrote:

> Still traveling and going very slowly.  I've been visiting lots of
> lighthouses and forts and sampling a lot of good food, too.  There was a lot
> of Bartram Trail info along the Georgia coast and plenty of references to
> Oglethorpe, too.  It seems the entire state references the name in business
> and history.  They should probably just rename the state Oglethorpe.
> I'm moving north along the coast and finally got to South Carolina
> yesterday.  I expect to keep going, getting to Charleston in the next day or
> two, the Outer Banks in North Carolina, etc.
> If any of you have suggestions for places to visit, things to see, or food
> to sample, please let me know.  I'm already on the lookout for a good place
> to eat shrimp and grits even though I've already gotten the impression that
> I'm slowly moving from shrimp to crab territory.  Restaurant suggestions for
> any type of food are always welcome.
> And, if anyone along the general coastal area would like to get together,
> send along an email.  Shower facilities, crash space, or even just company
> for a meal are all welcome to this very slow traveler.
> Mara - from Hilton Head Island
> Stitches, AT99
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