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I agree with you about the leaves. I think I have fallen more times on
leaves than on snow. Snow has as simple soluton, just good tread on your
boots is good enough if snow, but for ice I wear stableicers. Or just
snowshoe. None of these help on leaves, particular oak leaves which seem to
be the most slippery. Uphill is almost never a problem but take the
downhills easy.

The night  temps are unlikely to go below freezing but we have had 3 inches
of snow in early October which was an unmitigated disaster because the trees
still had leaves and it broken the tops off many.

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> I am looking for information about backpacking Massachusetts and south to
> the AT railroad crossing in September and early October.  More specifically,
> I wonder which would be better--my Speer hammock with all the things to
> bundle me up or my Lightheart tent with all the things to bundle me up.  You
> may have noticed that I do not expect the nights to be balmy.  Also, I have
> found the trail when it is covered by leaves to be pretty slippery.  Any
> advice about that?
> Kinnickinic
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