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Tue Aug 16 11:30:53 CDT 2011

I just did this piece of trail (AT Station to Mt. Everett in MA) but northwards so I'll have to describe it in the northbound direction. 

Wiley Shelter (in NY) had water at the pump but the water box was low or it leaks. That means the pumping didn't get the water out of the source. You can lift the manhole on the waterbox or pump water from the small stream leaking out nearby. The signs say to filter/treat; I did neither a few weeks ago and I'm still OK.

10-mile River Lean-to - great water at the pump. In this section you walk along the 10-mile river for about a mile. For the northbounders this marks the beginning of the section walking along the Housatonic River. DO NOT Drink water from the Housatonic. It's downstream from a major pollution site that goes all the way into MA near Pittsfield. (Thanks to GE). The streams that flow down to the Housatonic are considered good sources although some hikers prefer to treat/filter.

The hiking from NY to Kent seemed easy. After, though, the St. John's Ledges really slowed me down. Other slowdowns were on Bear Mtn., Race Mtn, and Everett (which seemed the roughest of the 3). It was also slow in Sages Ravine due to rocky footing and wet/slick rocks.

Hope that helps! Don't miss the views from Race Mtn!

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Lowell, MA
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