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Tue Aug 16 13:53:16 CDT 2011

Hi Walt,
Thanks for the info re:Wiley cistern. I was last there in 2000 and stayed the night at the shelter. Since it was a winter's day I got to read the trail register and was surprised to see, over & over, "date, name of shelter caretaker, message" where the message was something like "everything looks good". This went on for many lines,and it was apparent the caretaker was visiting nearly every day, even outside of regular hiker season. The place was also piled with neatly bound packages of newspaper - a nice supply for the hikers who want a fire  - but so much paper I wondered how long the shelter would burn if it ever caught. 

A rumor came to me a few years later, perhaps you can squelch if it's not true. That is - the caretaker was eventually released from taking care of Wiley, and that he committed suicide shortly after. The infered message was that the shelter gave him something to do, and now that he couldn't do it, he couldn't adjust. Any truth? Or maybe you have the whole story?

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