[at-l] Body found near Appalachian Trail in Amherst County

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Hiker death in Amherst called suspicious

LYNCHBURG -- An Indiana man whose body was found last week off the 
Appalachian Trail in Amherst County may have been missing for weeks.

Friday morning, the FBI identified the remains as belonging to hiker Scott 
Lilly, a resident of South Bend, Ind. Authorities said his body was found 
the afternoon of Aug. 12 near the trail in the Mount Pleasant National 
Scenic Area, a 7,500-acre area in the George Washington National Forest near 
the corner between U.S. 60 and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Lilly used the trail name "Stonewall," according to the FBI. Long distance 
hikers on the Appalachian Trail are more commonly known by their nicknames 
than their given names.

Friday’s FBI press release said, "The circumstances of his death are 
suspicious." The bureau noted investigators have no information "that would 
lead (them) to believe other hikers would be targeted."


FWIIW -- that is area is easy access and fairly high non-long-distant hiker 
use from U.S. 60 and back roads.

Pic of Stonewall at 

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Any late news on this case....


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