[at-l] Body found near Appalachian Trail in Amherst County

Renee Swicegood hankrenee at charter.net
Sat Aug 20 17:01:56 CDT 2011

The location likely means that this man did not died at the hands of a 
LD hiker.  However, I will feel better about the safety of the hiking 
family when the FBI releases more information: a cause of death, a time 
of death and if this is a homicide.

It seems very odd that he was last heard from on July 26th and was found 
only about 21 miles nearly three weeks later.  Had he been lying dead in 
the location for several weeks, the stench would have been overwhelming 
and he would have likely been found much sooner in this heavily used 
area.  The questions: Was the body in some sort of container?  Or did 
this man die very recently?

What really frightens me is the memory of Gary Hilton's actions.  He 
held at least two of his victims, Meredith Emerson and John Bryant 
(indicted on strong evidence, but not yet convicted), for several days 
and operated in areas similar to VA 60 @ the Blue Ridge Parkway.  He is 
also suspected in the disappearance of Micheal Scot Louis who was held 
for for 7 to 16 days before being killed.  Louis disappeared in FL a 
month before Cheryl Dunlap (who Hilton has been convicted of murdering) 
disappeared.**  I fear a copy-cat.


On 8/20/2011 9:01 AM, Dave Hicks wrote:
> **
> FWIIW -- that is area is easy access and fairly high non-long-distant hiker
> use from U.S. 60 and back roads.
> Pic of Stonewall at
> http://www.appalachiantrail.org/who-we-are/news/2011/08/19/identification-of-body-located-in-george-washington-national-forest
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