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Keeping dangerous animals in one's home or on one's property should not imply that the government is responsible for allowing nature to survive in wilderness parks.  It behooves the hiker or visitor to a National Park or even private property where wild animals live, to use caution when entering such wilderness.  The animals we encounter in the wild are usually reticent to meet humans but if they do (as Bears, Goats, Sheep, etc.) then it is the encroacher's (us) responsibility to use caution and common sense.  

Certainly the government is not responsible for the actions of wildlife in their inclination to survive.   Of course, if one is a lawyer then logic becomes absent.

Jack Skylander

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So, if you keep pit bulls and they've attacked prior guests who visited you at your farm over the last two years,  and they attacked and bit vice president Biden when he visited you, it's
(a) your fault for not keeping your animals under control?
(b) your dog's fault because animals will be animals?
(c) the lawyer's fault for reminding you, and the judge, and jury, and the media about the prior attacks?
(d) the government's fault for permitting laws to exist that make your responsible for the animals you keep?
(e) our fault because ours is a government by and for the people?

Does your answer change when you replace "pit bulls" with any animal you choose?

Does your answer change when you replace "vice president Biden" with any politician, movie star, friend, family member, or other person whom you choose?

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Here's a recent op-ed piece from the NYT on our untamed wilderness. The general theme: "No matter how many lawyers tread the landscape, it’s impossible to safety-proof a national park." http://opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/08/20/nature-without-the-nanny-state/
My apologies if this has already been posted. I'm about a week behind on e-mail.

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