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I am sorry for the slow response to this email.  I got back from my trip on 
8-14 and am just now catching up with my emails.  I had very limited cell 
phone coverage this time out.  Toward the end of my trip, I was walking 
along a ridgeline near Pearisburg, VA and I saw an AT&T cell tower.  I 
pulled out my phone to check my signal & sure enough, I had five bars but 
only 20 % battery power.

But to answer your question, yes, I was able to find some shuttle services. 
Thanks to all who offered suggestions.  I also found that there are a lot of 
people who offer shuttle services that are not listed in any guide books.  I 
found one person in Pearisburg from the clerk at the post office.  I had one 
shuttle by the fine people at The Dutch Haus B & B in Montebello, VA.  I 
whole heartedly recommend the Dutch Haus to anybody hiking in that area.

A short recap of my trips this year:  I took 3 two week hikes this summer. 
The first started at VA 311 near Catawba and was planned to go NOBO to 
Rockfish Gap (Waynesboro).  I unintentionally skipped the stretch between 
the James River and US 60.  I took a nero day in Buena Vista and resumed at 
US 60.  Two days later, I had some medical issues & quit at Spy Rock Road 
(Montebello) a couple of days early.  pictures at: 

My second trip was planned to start at Rockfish Gap & finish at Bears Den 
near Snickers Gap.  This trip went as planned & I felt really good at the 
end. Pictures at 

My third trip was planned to start at Damascus & head north to Catawba to 
complete VA, but I figured it would be best to complete the areas I missed 
on the first trip.  So I started at the James River & went north to US 60. 
I got picked up by and taken to the Dutch Haus.  The next morning They 
dropped me off at Spy Rock Road I continued on to Rockfish Gap.  I spent 
that night at the Dutch Haus again and the next day was taken to Catawba & 
headed south figuring I would just go as far as I could in the time left.  I 
made it to Pearisburg.  Pictures: 

I had a great time & really enjoyed myself.  Next summer, I plan on 
completing the stretch between Damascus & Pearisburg.

Craig  -Old Crow-

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>> Hey, Craig....
>> did you get your shuttle stuff worked out?
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