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Safe travels.  Things are supposed to clear nicely following the hurricane.  Forecast says it will dip into the 40's on Roane Sunday night.

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During my thruhike in 1999, Hurricane Floyd dumped 10" of rain on Maine.  I was one of four hikers stuck for three days between the east and west branches of the Piscataquis River in Maine.  What barely required us to take our shoes off to cross before the storm raged dirty brown and well over our heads for three days after the storm passed.  We couldn't go forward or back until the waters receded.

Hurricane Irene in particular, reminds me of Hurricane Floyd.  It's following a very similar path.

This hurricane is affecting my travels this year as well.  I just left South Carolina yesterday.  With news of the hurricane, I realized that I couldn't visit the Outer Banks as I had planned.  I would have been on Ocracoke Island today but they've already had mandatory evacuations of non-residents there.

So, I realized yesterday that since I wasn't going to stick around for a week or more to wait until I would be able to visit the islands, I'm heading home.  I'll be in Harpers Ferry tomorrow and will visit friends there and then head back to Boston by way of friends and family over the next week or so.

It's been a good trip.  I'm disappointed not to get to see the Outer Banks this year but they'll be there for another trip.

I just hope Irene doesn't cause the same damage to property and life as Floyd.

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