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RockDancer rockdancer97 at comcast.net
Tue Aug 30 08:55:18 CDT 2011

Made it from Harpers Ferry to the Boston area by Saturday noon, in time to hunker down for the storm Irene. Witch Doctor was a big help with driving as far as Springfield, and Mother Hen & Kemosabe were true stellar angels for letting us crash with them on Friday night.


I slept 24 hours once I got here. OK, I guess I pushed it too hard. But now I’m cleaning gear, sorting mail and thinking about what the trail is like post-storm. I’d love to hear from the hikers re Irene, where they went, how they managed. I heard Hanover opened up a shelter for them once the White Mountain NF officially closed. Those in the forest might not have heard about it though.


I’m on crutches until Sept. 17 but still hope to do a road trip to NH/ME before then. If I wait too long all the hikers will be out of my reach. Stealth camping might be out of the question, but perhaps I can spread some magic around. --RockDancer

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