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Mon Dec 5 07:04:42 CST 2011

I know it's not a popular past time this time of year, but I'm visiting the trail in several locations this week, another victory lap of sorts.

August 5 I broke a bone in my foot descending Mt. Everett in MA, on Saturday I revisited that spot, hiking from Jug End Rd to that spot and then back out to the road. I reached The Hemlocks about 30 mins after dark and found the shelter had 4 staying overnight - a teacher & 3 students, they were surprised to see me but we had a nice chat and I warmed up by their fire. It was in the 20's, cold enough to realize how quick we cool down once we stop walking. The hike back, heading N, is largely a ridge walk with a big descent that starts an hour from the road. On this return leg I had a half-moon, great for night time views esp. looking into the valleys, but not enough to hike safely. I had a lot of mis-steps esp. when I didn't see the icy spots. The quietness of the evening was outstanding.

Sunday was a short hike at High Point NJ, traveling from the highway Rt 23 to the monument. Again I was short on daylight and reached the monument in the dark. I used the tar roads in the state park for the return trip. Got busted though by a state park police who was really upset with me violating the 4:30 closing time. I explained I never saw the sign on the white blazes and he skipped the $75 ticket. Curious that he didn't offer me a ride out of the park, he could've saved me a mile walk. Heard lots of shot fired even after dark. Turns out that today (Monday) is the first day of BEAR season in New Jersey. Hunters were probably aligning their weapons or just playing anxiously. Last year, the first year of bear hunting, NJ tagged over 600 bears. The season lasts one week (maybe 6 days) and allows females and cubs!

Today I'm heading for a short hike along the ridge S of High Point, then driving S to MD area. I'm not sure how far S I'll be traveling but I have the whole week to do this driving tour. I'd like to get at least 1 overnight hike, but weather will determine where and when. The wet front should arrive Tuesday but by Friday should be good hiking weather, perhaps sooner.

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