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Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Sun Dec 11 09:29:18 CST 2011

13 years ago...last night...

I was very pleasantly surprised to
see Sundown in the lower level of Thomas Knob when I got there.
I hadn't seen him since Niday shelter and the "Maildrop Fiasco."
It was very good to see the old boy. (I had taken three zeroes in Atkins.
Sundown passed in there somewhere.) It was COLD and WINDY
that night.

13 years ago today took me, Sundown and Moose Boy
28 miles to Damascus(my longest mileage day). Somewhere in
there I think Moose got on the Creeper trail. I pulled away
from Sundown at Saunders S. turnoff. He was illin' with
intestinal ailin'. Somewhere around 5 o'clock, and near
Featherman Campsite (or, whtever it's called, near 58) was
the coolest animal sighting of the trip. And, probably one of
my top 5 moments. That 30 second staredown with a bobcat was
irreplaceable. (what does 'irreplaceable' mean? It's good,
right?) Talk about an adrenalin rush. That from a guy who
used to have a trailname of "Bobcat". It was just 3 times
cooler than you'd think, and then some. So, I was riding
that high for the next 2 hours and 5.5 miles to town. I
smoked a cigar on my way down the hill to town. I was
feeling good. I was really feeling good.

We had a little group of hikers in town that night.
Somewhere in my three zeroes Lucky Luke and Calamity
Jane, who I hadn't seen since north of Pearisburg, passed
me, too. They were in Damascus. So were the two guys with
dogs (??) that I hadn't seen since Harper's Ferry. (The
Great Dane...who were they? Tangent Man and...? It'll come
to me.)  (Oxymoron) Throw in me, Groovin' Moose and Sundown
and you have a town full of southbounders. We all ate at Quincy's!

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"
ALT '03 KT '03

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