[at-l] Springer Fever & Dahlonega Trail Fest

Sandra Friend @ Florida Hikes info at floridahikes.com
Mon Dec 19 17:47:31 CST 2011

It's been only ... oh ... 16 years since I joined AT-L and started planning
a thru-hike. Life sure has led me in a lot of crazy directions, many of
them still hiking-related, thank goodness, but my thru is closer than ever.

This year, a trial run: the fates have aligned. Serendipity is with me.

1) I've been invited to be a guest author for Dahlonega Trail Fest. Which
happens to be at the early part of thru-hiker season.
2) My birthday is a week later, and it's a biggie for me. I've wanted to
celebrate this one on the AT.
3) A good friend is heading to the trail to start his thru, so we can do
this piece together.

I am planning for Springer on March 19. Given I'm a strong hiker, but a
flatlander (who, thank goodness, kept her winter gear) how far north might
a week's worth of hiking take me?

Cheers, Navigator
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