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I would offer that if you're in even moderate shape, a little attention to your hammies and quads are about it. Walk in the morning with the same trepidation you might be walking with in the afternoon (not overly long steps, nor steep-drop steps), and you'll be fine the next morning.

Oh -- and that whole mile/hour/day thing -- 8 hours, 8 miles. Anything over is bonus. And you should be to Deep Gap with easy bonus. HA!

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It's been only ... oh ... 16 years since I joined AT-L and started planning a thru-hike. Life sure has led me in a lot of crazy directions, many of them still hiking-related, thank goodness, but my thru is closer than ever. 

This year, a trial run: the fates have aligned. Serendipity is with me. 

1) I've been invited to be a guest author for Dahlonega Trail Fest. Which happens to be at the early part of thru-hiker season. 

2) My birthday is a week later, and it's a biggie for me. I've wanted to celebrate this one on the AT.
3) A good friend is heading to the trail to start his thru, so we can do this piece together. 

I am planning for Springer on March 19. Given I'm a strong hiker, but a flatlander (who, thank goodness, kept her winter gear) how far north might a week's worth of hiking take me?

Cheers, Navigator

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