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In NY you  are not allowed to transport wood more than 50 miles because of
the possibility of moving either emerald Ash borer or long horn beetle. I
assume this is good advise anywhere on the AT. You definitely don't want
any of either of those anywhere you like to hike.

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> Don't forget the SoRuck is coming up Friday, January 13 through Sunday,
> January 15 with a trail maintenance day scheduled for Monday, January 16.
> It will be held at the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) in Wesser, NC.
> The event is FREE. However, we do suggest a $5 per person donation which
> goes to ALDHA and ATC.
> Current weekend schedule: http://www.soruck.net/**schedule.html<http://www.soruck.net/schedule.html>
> Campus map: http://www.soruck.net/images/**nocmap.jpg<http://www.soruck.net/images/nocmap.jpg>
> Want to do a presentation? We have a couple of available time slots left!
> Contact Sly: https://www.facebook.com/**hikertrash1<https://www.facebook.com/hikertrash1>
> Are you a vendor of hiking gear, books, etc? Contact Sly.
> NOC Outfitter is offering a 20% discount to SoRuck attendees over the
> duration of the weekend!!! (Just take your name tag in.)
> Have hiking gear you want to get rid of? Donate it for our silent auction
> and raffle with all proceeds going to the Appalachian Long Distance Hiker's
> Association (ALDHA) and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC). Please let
> us know what you will be donating: https://docs.google.com/**spreadsheet/*
> *ccc?key=0Anwy7iNs2AXEcExRamVFWk**lRTzRRVkRxT09wVFdqUXc#gid=0<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Anwy7iNs2AXEcExRamVFWklRTzRRVkRxT09wVFdqUXc#gid=0>
> Our food spreadsheet is looking kind of bare. We know folks will show up
> with tons of food, but please post here what you will be bringing with you
> to give others an idea of where we really need things. (NOTE: We have had
> close to 300 attendees come through the line on Saturday, so please bring
> all that you can!) Sign up to bring food items here:
> https://docs.google.com/**spreadsheet/**ccc?key=0Anwy7iNs2AXEcExRamVFWk**
> lRTzRUNF9KR3FLdDRRS3c#gid=1<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Anwy7iNs2AXEcExRamVFWklRTzRUNF9KR3FLdDRRS3c#gid=1>
> (Just click on the tabs at the bottom to go through the meal times. Then
> click on a square a type in your items and name. The spreadsheet auto saves
> all changes. If you can't get it to work, then just send the info to me or
> Sly and we'll get it entered for you!)
> Attendee Name Tags: http://www.soruck.net/**nametags.html<http://www.soruck.net/nametags.html>
> Driving directions: http://www.mapquest.com/**maps?city=wesser&state=nc<http://www.mapquest.com/maps?city=wesser&state=nc>
> Main website: http://www.soruck.net/**index.html<http://www.soruck.net/index.html>
> fb page: https://www.facebook.com/**groups/southernruck/**
> 10150457981852087/**?notif_t=group_activity<https://www.facebook.com/groups/southernruck/10150457981852087/?notif_t=group_activity>
> Lodging: No cabin vacancy. But you can call the NOC after January 2 at 800
> 232-7238 for a room in base camp or at the Nantahala Inn. There are also
> hotels in Bryson City and Franklin, NC. May we recommend Haven's Budget
> Inn. (Tell Ron you are attending the SoRuck!) If anyone wishes to rough it,
> there is a shelter 0.8 miles South of NOC on the Appalachian Trail and
> several “stealth” spots in the area.
> If you have any further questions or need further help, please post in the
> SoRuck fb page.
> We hope to see you there!!!
> Tenacious Tanasi
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