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If you really want to hike like this, the Hiker hostle will do the same thing for 2 hikers for less money and put you up in a bed and feed you breakfast.
  And as an added extra you wouldn't have to listen to someone tell you how to hike their way every night....


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The 2011 ATI Thru-hiking Planning Workshops (since 1989)
May 2-6; Sept. 12-16; Oct. 17-21; Nov. 7-11
NOBO's - Do you want to day hike the first 66 miles in Georgia?
SOBO's - Do you want to day hike from Katahdin to Monson?
New for 2011 - Smart Start	 Van support for the start of your AT thru-hike
For more info see: wwww.warrendoyle.com

Warren Doyle
Founder/Co-Director - Appalachian Folk School


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