[at-l] 2011 Dates for Appalachian Trail Institute and Smart Start

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  "The Trail",
  "Hike The Trail"....   " Thru-Hiking"....." itinerary'


On 2/1/2011 4:05 PM, Dave Hicks wrote:
> What ever happened to the alternative hiking schedule recommendations 
> that the ATC had on their site.  I can’t find them.
> Coolbreeze had a great one to do the entire AT in a season, which 
> allowed you to use public transportation to move between segments, 
> which put you in the best weather for each major section, and which 
> avoided the more strenuous hiking on steeper mountains before you 
> walked yourself into hiking shape.
> There were a number of alternative schedule recommendations, which 
> avoided the big bubble crowd of traditional SOBO hiker.
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