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Gruyere is an awesome cheese, but you can substitute a good Swiss or
Ementaler and it will be fine.


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> Is there anything you all don't know about my life?
> Anyhow, son has a girlfriend he wants to (1) impress and (2) introduce to
> camping.  It's a one step at a time thing, so he's going out early to set up
> the drive-up campsite for Feb. 14 (Valentine's Day reminder to the guys on
> the list).  He's got candles, tablecloth, flowers.  He wanted to know what
> meal he should prepare.  I first suggested veggie hot dogs.  This idea
> was quickly dismissed as not special enough.  Then I thought of fondue (he's
> vegetarian).
> I have a circa 1969 fondue pot and forks.  I have a couple of recipes for a
> cheese fondue, but they (and most I've found online) call for grueyre, which
> is very pricey.  I have some kirsch, which my recipe calls for, however, I'm
> hoping for a recipe with less expensive cheese.
> Does anyone have a foolproof fondue recipe that uses less expensive
> cheese?  He's going to practice the fondue by fixing it for me for my
> birthday next week.
> Joan  (aka "Mom the guinea pig")
> bluetrail at aol.com
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