[at-l] 2011 Dates for Appalachian Trail Institute and Smart Start

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Well she was so good lookin you knew you were gonna get caught lookin at her and thinkin,  "That's a damned handsome women right there".


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	  was there for that one time.  There was 2 guys that graduated from

	  Boston College there.  They had a can of bug spray that looked

	  like my mama's Aqua Net hair spray can.  There was a guy and his

	  wife that owned an apple orchard in Nepal.  There friend was a

	  student at Penn State.  There was 2 girls that said they were

	  sisters.  Not sure I believed them.  One was get caught staring at

	  good lookin.  The other looked more like me then the good lookin

	  sister.  There was a 50 something guy that knew everything with

	  his scared grandson.  And me.  If that ain't a southbound bubble I

	  don't know what is.

	Those all sound like northbound section-hikers to me.  (and, most

	northbounders are section hikers...)  (Clide, I think I need this

	'sentence' written again...in a different way:

	One was get caught staring at good lookin    :-)  

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