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Well, while I am seldom wrong I do hold open that it is possible that some folks just aren't as informed.  :>))

I have know idea if Warren rocks or not.  I have been involved with him twice.  Once he was tellin everyone that it was our fault the Muslims attacked the WTC.  The other time he was laying out a scheme on how to cheat the folks that let hikers have access to the AT from private roads.  The fee charged was what the insurance company was charging them.  So from my limited experience with him he is a piece of shit, but that is my opinion.  Most folks would take the stuff he does as a freedom of speech thing but I guess I never got over my upbringing.  You treat innocent dead folks with respect and we live in the best country in the world.....

The post he made was not about his school.  It is about a new service to slack the state of Georgia or the 100 mile.  Undoubtably using his cheat the landowner technique he was teaching to newbee's.  I really don't have any problem at all with his business.  And even if I did not like it, I believe he has the right to do it. I may very well use the hostile to slack Ga. this summer.  It ain't about how you do it, it's about doin it.

Rant over


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Okay, for the record, Chainsaw and I finally disagree on something. (For that other record, TheeClyde and I regularly disagree, except when we don't. This is because sometimes I'm right, and sometimes Clyde thinks differently.)

1) Warren rocks. (The last time I looked, I had at least as many faults as he, and if I'm going to charitably overlook mine, and lift my head out of the shame of being human, I shouldn't too quickly cast about looking for others to huck a stone at.)

2) If you don't like what's being taught, don't go. Life (we hope) is like a ruck. Go where you want; make what you want to happen, happen.

3) "Tuition for the five-day/four-night program is $300 per person.  Tuition includes: on-site indoor lodging; four continental breakfasts; about 26 hours of classroom instruction; about 10 hours of hiking; and, instructional materials.  Payment is as follows: a $50 fully-refundable registration deposit and the remainder of the tuition ($250) to be paid on the last day of the program (satisfaction guaranteed)." I don't think you can pass wind near an AMC facility without paying that PER NIGHT, and you'd be learning a whole lot less. For people who are clueless, and who might think an AT hike is a romp in the woods, filled with idyllic catalog poses of immaculate gear (and a 40 pound pack), this is solid gold.

And as far as the whole "HYOH" business, as I've said many times, if that were actually practiced, there'd be no at-l, no Whiteblaze, no Trailzone (what was Wingnut's place called?)... We're all interested in being part of a herd of cats -- being with like-minded souls in our solitude -- and fitting (our uniqueness) in. Hike My Hike. ("And if you don't want my opinion, don't ask for it by posting yours.")


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Regardless, Clyde is right.  You can save money, HYOH (solo if you 
like, which works for me), and not have to listen to someone tell you how to hike their way every night.

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If you really want to hike like this, the Hiker hostle will do the same thing for 2 hikers for less money and put you up in a bed and feed you breakfast.
And as an added extra you wouldn't have to listen to someone tell you how to hike their way every night....


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The 2011 ATI Thru-hiking 
Planning Workshops (since 1989)
May 2-6; Sept. 12-16; Oct. 17-21; Nov. 7-11
NOBO's - Do you want to day hike the first 66 miles in Georgia?
SOBO's - Do you want to day hike from Katahdin to Monson?
New for 2011 - Smart 
Start Van support for the start of your AT thru-hike
For more info see: www.warrendoyle.com

Warren Doyle
Founder/Co-Director - Appalachian Folk 

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