[at-l] 2011 Dates for Appalachian Trail Institute and Smart Start

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The gist of it was ride to the curve before the check point, all but driver get out, go through woods till after the check point and climb back in.  Do this while you are charging for the ride.  Not quite the same thing as stealthing in the whites.  I guess in the pure sense, stealing services is stealing it's just all a matter with how much of a thief you are comfortable with being.  Everyone has to decide that for themselves.  Not a holier than thou thing.  Guess my opinion is tainted by the speech.  Kinda like when I say something political, it must be wrong cause I am a rightwing nut.

I have no problem at all with his slack/van ride through hike.  When I get old I may need to hike that way.  Whatever get's you in the woods.

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Gathering '01: Yes, that was abhorrent behavior.

AT-$-charge cheats: I bought one night from the AMC on my throughhike, and one night hiking through with the boys. All the rest were "cowboy" "stealth" *illegal*. Likewise, when the boys and I hit Baxter, our first night was unauthorized, unpaid, and thereby illegal. Were there a contest on how to escape charges for hiking, I'm quite sure I could garner a podium finish. Further, I have posted a "How to Stealth-camp the Whites" post on numerous occassions, encouraging others to do the same. I don't know the particulars of the AT-access/insurance-related charge issue of which you wrote, but it sounds like the same thing as I've done -- including the encouragement of others -- to me.


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The other time he was laying out a scheme on how to cheat the folks that let hikers have access to the AT from private roads.  The fee charged was what the insurance company was charging them.  So from my limited experience ...
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