[at-l] Gordon Smith, hiker shuttler extraordinaire

Pat krozby at zoominternet.net
Fri Feb 11 19:16:03 CST 2011

> I'm planning to meet up with Gordon this evening to take
> him out to dinner somewhere near the Florida Trail south
> of Tallahassee.
> Anyone wants to send a shout-out to Gordon (his 70th
> birthday was a few days ago), do it NOW, before I leave the
> house.  It's almost 5pm here and I expect to hear from him
> any minute, to finalize plans. I may be leaving here in another
> half hour?...
Is he the guy that was shuttling Nimbilwill Nomad around a couple years 
ago when he was doing the NCT? If he is he's a great guy, most likely a 
great guy whether he is or not, tell him happy bday.


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