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Here in Central Florida, it's 80 today.   Lows all this week will be in mid to upper 50's, and the air is dry.   Because it was a cold winter (for us lots of days in the low 60's is cold, don't laugh), things are a little late blooming.  Baby-powder-scented Carolina yellow jessamine is in bloom at last.  They are trumpet-shaped blooms on vines that scent the air around them.  Also in bloom--redbud, Chicasaw plum, tiny white violets.  Trees are leafing out now too!  Lots of new calves in the pastures on the way to the trail.


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60 degrees at 2:30 PM today.  That's 25 degrees above normal for this 
ate in NH.  But tomorrow it is suppose to drop back into the 20's. 
he melted snow will turn into ice on the slopes.  Hiking trails will 
e treacherous.  Also expecting heavy winds.  Suppose to be even 
older by Tuesday.   Massachusetts school have vacation next week so 
he slopes will be crowded. Icy slopes are going to keep the ski 
atrol busy.
Life is Good!!!
rt Cloutman
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