[at-l] Feeling Like Spring

Leslie Booher lbooher at charter.net
Mon Feb 21 13:00:21 CST 2011

I thought it feel spring-like here, with temps in the upper 60ºs, but somehow after reading Joan's description, I'm not so sure.  <G>


Humankind (be both)

Here in Central Florida, it's 80 today.   Lows all this week will be in mid to upper 50's, and the air is dry.   Because it was a cold winter (for us lots of days in the low 60's is cold, don't laugh), things are a little late blooming.  Baby-powder-scented Carolina yellow jessamine is in bloom at last.  They are trumpet-shaped blooms on vines that scent the air around them.  Also in bloom--redbud, Chicasaw plum, tiny white violets.  Trees are leafing out now too!  Lots of new calves in the pastures on the way to the trail.


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