[at-l] Feeling Like Spring

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Well, it was about 10 F this morning when I headed out to birdwatch in the
local state forest. I think I was wearing all of my "Mt. Washington in
Winter" clothes! Reward was some terrific views of adult & juvenile
Red-shouldered hawks, Coopers Hawk, Red-tailed and the regular winter birds.
A real surprise was finding 8 owl pellets sitting on the surface of the
snow. We have unusual snow conditions: 2 feet of dry, powdery snow topped by
an icy crust, which is topped with 2 inches of powder. So anything falling
from the trees in the last day or so is just sitting right on the surface.
Later this week I'll melt out the pellet packages to see what's inside!


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We had a few beautiful springlike days last week, even one where we wore
short sleeves.  Yesterday that changed.  We had sleet and snow yesterday
evening, rain this morning, then more snow starting about 3 pm.   At the
moment we have about three inches and it's still falling fast.  This morning
I saw a flock of robins so hopefully spring will yet come. 

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