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Squirt gun.  Smallest caliber you can find.  Ensure it doesn't leak.

Only carry enough ammo to get to your next source.  The Databook has sources

All bets are off during water fights near the river and during the parade at
Trail Days.  But you can purchase Super soaker type guns there rather than
carry them along the trail.

Stitches, AT99

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> What's the best caliber of gun to bring on a thru?  And how much ammo do I
> need?
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> > Oh, we don't write anything if you're not here to read/respond to it ;)
> Heck, I thought I was here. Is that a chicken-egg thing?   I
> was hoping someone would ask which political party is best
> or what a thru-hike really is or what cell phone has the
> loudest speakerphone. SOMETHING!!!  I really should have
> written a trip report for my NH hike last summer. It was a
> good hike (other than the ankle thing).
> > Is this thing on?  If so, where the hell is everybody!!??!!
> >
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