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I'm here (at work but taking a break).  Wishing I were at home baking brownies/bars.  

Florida Trail has this thing called F-Troop; it's a volunteer vacation to work on the trail.  Several years ago I started hosting a lasagna dinner for the volunteers when they did a project in our area.  All our FTA Central Florida Chapter members chip in, bringing lasagna, salad, garlic bread, or brownies/bars.  This year it's gotten way out of hand: including an SCA crew, the F-Troop count is 25.  Plus about 15-20 volunteers bringing food (if you bring food, you get to stay to eat dinner).  

Forty+  people to sit down at my house is getting out of hand.  Was going to try to go green and use my own "porch dishes" (plastic plates that are washable).  I had to give that up when the crowd got over 25.  It's disposable plastic plates and plastic forks and knives now.  

I need to be baking because I don't have enough dessert coming in.  Asked the F-Troop folks to bring their own camp chairs and have other people bringing in chairs too.  I'm feeling overwhelmed, but I know I'll live through it.  People will eat.  There will be enough food.  There will be enough drinks.  Jon has spent the week "staging":  setting up the firebowl, cleaning up the back yard, moving my yard chairs to the backyard, etc.  Will spend Sunday cleaning up.

Also expecting a VERY messy FT thru-hiker to arrive in the midst of this.  I'm drawing the line:  this time he will NOT wash his sleeping bag in the guest bathroom.  (He's done this before by putting down suds, the sleeping bag, and water in the tub, then walking around on the bag to "wash" it.)  You can only imagine what the bathroom looked like when he was done.


> Is this thing on?  If so, where the hell is everybody!!??!!

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