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Well if your gonna carry a gun, carry a big one with one bullet.  Shoot the threat in the neck.  Large amounts of blood spraying everywhere puts a whole lot of haul ass into everyone else.  I would venture to guess less then one half of one persent of long distance hikers without training could actually shoot someone.  Fewer still could handle the after effects of having done so.  


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Not a slight against you but I think its a fairly common assumption by people who do not like guns to assume those who carry a gun are "hot-headed, mouthy, jerks" who are scared of unfounded or unrealistic scenarios.  I think most non-gun folks would be surprised how many people actually do carry but do not advertise that they carry.  Again, I am not in any way trying to attack what you believe or what you said I just wanted to point out an observation that I think a lot of people believe and maybe open some dialogue.  With regards to ammo on the trail?  The chance of ever needing to use a pistol is so small I'd say just carry what's loaded.  You can always buy more in the next town ;-).

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I think its interesting that you find the issue to carry a fire arms lies on the unfavorable traits of the person who is carrying vice anything else.

I was answering the "how much ammo do I 'need'?" question. NOT the fire arms question.  

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> What's the best caliber of gun to bring on a thru?  And how much ammo do I need?

I suppose the number of miles of the hike and the number of
caliber are tied together...with the number on the caliber

getting bigger as the number of miles for the hike getting
smaller.  As far as 'need'....that would vary greatly per
individual.  (How good a shot are you? How mouthy?  How
scared? How big of a jerk? How hot-headed?)

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