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Is this the white plastic type? I think it's HD-PE (high density
polyethylene, should have #2 on the bottom). There are a lot of papers on
how that plastic breaks down in the outdoors: exposure to moisture & UV
radiation seem key. One study shows complete brittleness after 90 days
outdoors. Bottom line is that they are good for lab equipment, water pipes
(just don't go outside with your water pipe.)

I've had trouble with the blue plastic lids! More than once I've had frozen
bottles (the clear ones, polycarbonate). To break the ice lock I started to
use a sharp downward blow on the lid. Usually it worked but then one time
the lid went and I was screwed, out of water for the rest of that short
hike. --RD

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So, I just threw away 3 Nalgene water bottles that I've had for......20?
25??... years. They hadn't been used for 13?...15? years.  They had become
so brittle that when I squeezed them they sort of shattered.

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