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A hundred years ago, when I first started looking into the AT, I done a google search on National Scenic Trails and ATML and this list came up.  I signed up for both and the first message I got was from Felix telling about a van full of cheerleaders or volleyball players or something from Sweeden or Norway or one of them "Blond" countries, pickin him up.  I told myself right there, this is something I wanna do......


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On 12/31/2010 7:41 PM, Tom McGinnis wrote:
> Okay, I'll say it:
> I must've lived some sort of charmed life to this point. I don't know whether that charm is lucky or unlucky... but I could number easier the times when my hitched rides were *normal* and fine and upstanding folk, versus the innumerable times "stories" were generated. Jeez!
> I'll tell you this, though: if you want easy hitching, dress twin boys in matching clothes and hand 'em matching backpacks, then stand 'em by the side of the road. I've seen cars pull over before we were out of the previous vehicle. Now, *that's* some fine hitching.

havin' Pokey along in shorts ain't a bad way, neither...

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