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### God knows my *own* shortage of cells never seems to aid things... The more pages off the calendar, the.... well, you get the idea. I think I need a Short Term Esthetic March to restore my cells. I think I'll call it, STEM-Cell Therapy. Yes. Yes. I like that.
(Hold on. Is that what you asked?)

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This is a good point, however, I understand that there are frequent episodes of patients "falling off the wagon" because of on-going social affiliations with other hikers. I'm told that in Suches, GA noncompliance with recovery program guidelines is a class A felony. Repeat offenders are usually confined to the darkest recesses of the dungeon. So far this has been more a vain attempt at remediation than actually succeeding. Due to shortage of cells, all the hikers are locked up in the same block and there is Felix reversing any gains by posting more and more flashbacks. I know I sound defeatist, but I think the outlook is grim.  Hopeful
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