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I have heard of this High Immersion Kinesiologic Esthetic (HIKE) program,
and I understand that when applied with the Transcendental Hubris Remedial
Undertaking (THRU) discipline, that it does offer some some relief.  Some of
those that experience the Springer Fever have yet to have applied both the
HIKE program with the THRU program.  Some spouse of the patients have been
known to have given in to a combined program application in the hopes that
the malady would be cured, but studies have shown that the cure is, indeed,
short lived.


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>  Of this all are certain, there is no cure in the foreseeable future. In
> the end all patients are obsessed with the desire to sleep on the ground and
> eat pasta while exposing themselves to inclement weather, soap privation and
> intense fatigue. One mystery perplexes researchers above all others. Those
> suffering Springer Fever are most joyful in the final stage known as
> Thruhiking, which is their pursuit of some mythical place they call
> Katahdin. While they clearly love their families, they seem intimately
> connected to others with the disorder and even think of themselves as "our
> tribe."
> ### But there *is* an answer, Hopeful One -- the so-called "Immersion
> Therapy". Indulge the Fever completely. Strong statistical evidence
> (assembled over 50+ years of study) shows the High Immersion Kinesiologic
> Esthetic (HIKE) to be a highly effective treatment (>95% effective),
> however, the effects can be short-lived -- at times symptoms re-appear in a
> matter of months. As the HIKE typically lasts six months, and treatment
> commonly commences around April 1, this leaves a October 1 - December 1
> window of relative peace, in recalcitrant cases. In these cases, the month
> of December is as you describe -- an increasing pre-occupation with
> Peripetitia (some writers have referred to this brain-overwhelming
> consciousness as Grand Orbit Recurring Peripetitia, or GORP). At this point,
> research is yet inconclusive as to whether HIKE can cure GORP, or GORP can
> itself reduce the need for HIKE.
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