[at-l] One more time...

Felix J AThiker at smithville.net
Tue Jan 4 18:46:22 CST 2011

This morning brought me the most excruciating pain of the 5 
month journey. I had left my boots out over night. They were 
frozen. They were frozen. It took 12 minutes to put them on. 
Then, there was the trip to the privy 
(stainless-steel-seated privy). It was about 16 minutes of 
physical inactivity. My feet were frozen. It took over an 
hour to get the circulation going enough to warm my feet 
again. They hurt so badly that my stomach hurt. Somewhere in 
that first mile and a half, I passed Tank. (The guy whose 
pack I tried to lighten a few days earlier)  He was 
definitely struggling. He said that I was right about a lot 
of the weight he was carrying. I told him to make it to 
Neel's and have Jeff go through it. I hiked most of the day 
leapfrogging with QP and WB. I liked them and liked having 
someone around for a change. Especially someone who was 
excited about the same thing that I was excited about. We 
spent the night together at a fridged Hawk Mt. Shelter. I 
couldn't find the spring. Again, it was 5º or less. This 
time, my boots were in my bag. (Footnote: QP's pee bottle 
from Woodshole S. froze and he had to carry a bottle of 
frozen urine all day. We laffed. Well, not QP)

Something I shant forget about that night at Hawk Mt. is 
this: The Tennessee Volunteers were playing for the national 
championship. QP and WB are from the Knoxville area. They 
both had walkmans (walkmen?) and were listening to the game. 
QP's radio wouldn't pick it up. So, WB broke his headphones 
and gave one earpiece to QP. They snuggled up together and 
cheered as I slept, dreaming of the next day...

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"
ALT '03 KT '03

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