[at-l] Hammock underquilt humor

Linda Patton lpatton at fsu.edu
Sat Jan 8 21:29:53 CST 2011

>From a blog I visit regularly, called The Ultralighter  
<http://ultralighter.blogspot.com/>, a post about 
hammock underquilts that I thought was funny:

”Sometimes after watering the night-blooming flowers you get back to 
bed as before, have your shoes hanging up by a string from the ridge 
line, have put your sleeping hat on, got your gloves on, have struggled 
to get back into your sleeping bag if it's too cold to use it as a quilt, 
are all zipped up and are sweating only moderately, and then you 
notice that your whole back seems oddly cool.

You figure that it will pass in a moment, and try to sleep. No. You 
really knew better but it's always better to make a denial first, pretend 
you can make it all go away, and only deal with things when there is 
no alternative.

Eventually you realize that the entire underquilt, because of its 
suspension system, got off to one side when you climbed back into 
the hammock. This is in fact the worst case, short of being hit by 
lightning or having something with an enormous tooth-filled mouth 
come by to see if you are tasty.

Since the underquilt isn't positively attached to the hammock and is 
under a lot of elastic tension, it can snake around, silently going 
sproing off one side while you are getting into the hammock, even 
though you made sure to align it all before putting any weight on it.

Nothing to do but get all the way out, rearrange things, and try again.

You are always more careful the second time, but still you get the 
underquilt decentered, sometimes, in case you have not already 
exceeded your profanity limit for the night.”

~~ eArThworm

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