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<< but I really can't believe that over 100" have fallen up there. >>

over 100 inches would be everything added up since October 4-5th, not the depth at a given time.

Here are the Beech Mtn numbers so far this season. This weather station there is at 5028 feet.  Roan High Knob is at 6,288 and typically gets at least 25 percent more than Beech:

Snow Totals for Beech Mountain, NC
Winter 2010-2011

Snowfall (inches)

October 5

November 4-6

December 1-2

December 4-5

December 5-7

December 12-15

December 19

December 21

December 23

December 25-27

January 5-6

January 6-8


Total Ice & Snow

Last Updated: 1/9/2010 at 7 PM

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We live in the same county as Roan Mountain---Carter Co., TN---and I know that the county schools have been out numerous times since Dec. 1, but I really can't believe that over 100" have fallen up there.  A couple of nights ago on the news, they said that there was 24" up there at that moment.  Of course, earlier in the week, they were worried that the warmer temps would bring down the Roan Mountain snow pack and cause flooding down here, but it didn't melt fast enough, nor did all of it melt.

Down here, we've had a few inches that melt not quite all the way off before more falls.  Today, it's so cold that it's not melting, and we're expecting snow tonight through Tuesday, with temps that don't reach 32º.  Last Sunday, there was a car at the 19E trailhead, which surprised me, since there was snow on the ground then, too.


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