[at-l] What's a thru hike?

Cody Girl codycodygirl at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 11:50:57 CST 2011

Hey everyone!  I was talking with a friend of mine about the 2000 miler app
and this idea came up.

He started at Springer around the same time as me.  I can't remember exactly
where I met him, but we already knew each other by the time we were in
Gatlinburg.  Last time I saw him was at Mahoosic Notch, he summited a couple
of days before me.  Somewhere in Maine he skipped 30 miles.  He had been
battling knee problems all the way and I guess skipping those 30 miles was
necessary for him at the time.  When he made this decision he planned to do
the 30 after he summited, but he didn't go back to do it.  He lives in N
Carolina and has no plans now to ever go back and do it.

He has chosen not to do the 2000 miler ap because he didn't hike the entire
trail.  He told me he's not a thru hiker, he's a (very long) section hiker.

What do you think?  Thru hiker or section hiker?
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