[at-l] Southern Ruck- Last Call

Black Wolfe blackwolfe at charter.net
Tue Jan 11 07:30:22 CST 2011

Regretfully, CC Wayah and I will not be making the 2011 Southern Ruck.  CC 
Wayah's brother died from pancreatic cancer last night and we expect a 
stressful week.

We will miss you 'all and thank you for your prayers, positive thoughts and 

Black Wolfe

Bruce W.


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From: "Sly"

> I'm going to start printing name tags tonight so, if you know you're
> coming and don't see your name let me know ASAP.  Also, if you see your
> name and can't make it, let me know so I can take it off.
> http://www.soruck.net/nametags.html
> Thanks,
> Sly

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