[at-l] Hiker needs some dough

Ryan Crawford nayrdrofwarc at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 07:41:00 CST 2011

Come one Skeeter, stop hiding the information from us.  I know the games 
were played at IBM on Friday.  Sure they may not have been played at your 
facility but surely the news has travelled through the IBM system by now.

All of us hikers needs some good cold hard cash for the upcoming hiking 
season.  We could easily make a bet on Monday, February 14th and be able to 
win the bet without trying because you leaked us the information.

So who was it Skeeter...was it Ken Jennings...was it Brad Rutter...or was it 
this darn IBM designed encyclopedia swallower named Watson that won the 3 
game $1 million Jeopardy challenge.


GAME '97

PS...YES, LMAO!!!  Couldn't resist the temptation.  Had to poke a little fun 
at Skeeter. 

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